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When women wear hair 4x4 Lace Wig, they will choose lace closure or frontal to match with their hair bundles. There are different lace closure in the market, today we will share with you about the difference between 4x4 Closure Wig and 5x5 closure wig.

According to their name, the only difference is the size of lace. Customers will question a little difference, how do I choose? That is really a good question. Let us introduce the lace closure, then you will know how to make a good choice.

The difference between 4x4 lace closure and 5x5 lace closure.
The most difference is the lace size obviously, the others are similar. 5x5 lace closure creates an invisible part which makes your wig more undetectable. It is easy to operate on hair weft, the baby hair around gives you a good hairline. So no matter which one you choose, it is good for you to make a complete wig. Of course, 5x5 lace closure is expensive than 4x4 Lace Closure Wig at the same length, cause the process is more complex. You can choose the proper one according to your requirements and economic status.

How should I choose? 4x4 lace closure? Or 5x5 lace closure?
Generally speaking, it is hard to make the choice, they are so similar to each other. Customers can choose the one they like, no matter 4x4 lace closure or 5x5 lace closure, the one fit you is better. Another thing you need to consider is your income after all the price is different, you can choose by your economic status. Please make sure to use the right and proper way to use it which makes the lace closure keep long and beautiful.

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