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For beginners, they probably don’t know how often to wash lace wigs. The following article is about how often to wash closed wigs and other Real Hair Wigs For Women .
Official answer: Under normal conditions, you should wash your Real Human Hair Wigs once every two weeks. The hair that leaves the donor is not able to produce natural oils when used to make wigs, so there is no need to wash the hair every two to three days. However, different people have different ideas. You don’t have to follow the rule of washing your wig once every two weeks. When your hair gets dirty or becomes stiff, you can wash your Best Human Hair Wigs.
Remember, when you wash your hair, you have to clean your hair. If you wear a wig, it will get dirty easily. The way you wear it or the environment different from the biological hair is that the wig does not absorb oil, sweat and other ingredients from the skin/scalp, it may become cleaner, you usually do not get wet and then reapply leave-in, you usually need Shampoo to remove any products from the hair, many customers only moisturize their hair when washing their hair, sometimes it is difficult for someone
Wrap Your Head
Revolving around the idea of spraying water on the hair with aloe vera juice and glycerin natural softening spray or a ton of other moisture-proof products for hair and skin, most people don’t do this, and even if they have straight hair, they don’t expect their hair to be. Change the texture. They think they can’t spray it with water. As a result, if their hair is not so dirty and they wash their hair only once every 3-4 weeks, then they will not moisturize the hair at all.
So How Often Should You Wash Your Hair
You should try to stay hydrated during this period, which means that if you have a certain lifestyle and styling style, then your wig will really get dirty every 3-4 weeks, which is entirely possible
There are many people who have incredible clean units
If it’s you, it’s perfect, but at the same time you have to hydrate it
You should not let any hair cut for more than a week without hydrating
The shocking thing is that you will not provide any nutrition to the skin like you do, and you will not go away for a week of moisturizing. Because the shape of the skin is really bad. You have to think about hair in the same way so that the skin has the benefits of getting nutrients from the body. Wigs will not
People who are forced to moisturize and straighten their hair tend not to moisturize. You should squirt water from aloe vera juice with a small amount of glycerin.
If you live in a humid climate, please do not mix it with glycerin
All in all, to develop the habit of hydrating your hair, this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of time taking care of your wig every day.

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