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360 lace frontal is a new design hair weaves and extensions trend. Pre-plucked 360 lace around the entire perimeter of your head, 360 Wigs degree natural looking hairline. 360 lace frontal is like a lace headband only with hair on it.

How long does a 360 frontal sew in last?
In general, it is difficult to answer this question- how long can pre-plucked 360 Lace Wig last. For the same lace closure, hair color, hair length, hair, and the hair quality, and all are the same. If there are two people to buy them at the same time, the life of the lace closure will not be the same, depending on how you wear it and hair care condition.

To be honest, this hair can last for how long time depending on how you maintain it.Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it so that last longer.Usually, it can last at least 6 months, it will be longer if you treat it well.

Compared with traditional weaving bundles, The pre plucked 360 Lace Frontal Wig can stay two weeks without shifting in place if you use a high-quality glue or tape. However, if you just attach the wig by using adjustable straps that normally come with the wig, you can only use the wig for a short period.

How to Install 360 Frontal
1. First prepping your hair, including Bleaching knot and shampooing and conditioning your 360 lace frontal. Air dry your hair closure. You can dye the lace to match your skin tone or perm your 360 lace closure to a new color.

2. Do basic straight back braid pattern for sew in. Place the 360 frontal on your head lined up with your natural hairline, make sure it is perfectly positioned along your natural hairline. Cut the lace around, leave the front part, pluck hairs from the frontal hairline, trim the lace in the front part carefully in the last.

3. Start to adhere your 360 frontal by either using the sew-in or using glue-in methods to secure the front part to your own hair or to your wig cap(depends on whether wearing the wig cap). Then sew in the rest part.

4. Add the matching textured hair wefts to close off the opening would be perfect to create a full sew in weave.

5.After complete the processing of sew in, you 360 lace wig is done. And you can style it to ponytail hairstyle, braid your hair weave, or just let down thy hair. 360 lace frontal give you many hair styling possibilities for you can part your hair into any direction.

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