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When buying any product, we should want to know the quality of the ideal product and how long the lifespan is. This article mainly focuses on the service life of your Science 360 Wigs and how long it can be worn at one time. time.

How long can the 360 wig be worn?
360 Lace Wig life is different for different installation procedures

360 sewing
There is no definite answer, but in general, compared with traditional weaving bundles, using high-quality glue or tape, the pre-drawn 360-degree lace front can be kept for two weeks without shifting. However, if you use glue-free installation, you may use 360 Lace Front Wigs in a short time. If you maintain it well, it will last longer.

How long can the front closure of the 360 lace last?
Adhesives have an effect on the wearing time of the 360 front face. Usually, the front face wig of lace uses more adhesive to fix the wig than the lace seal. Therefore, in a certain wearing and use, the front face of the 360 lace may not last as long as the lace seal. Long, however, in summer, sweat may also cause the frontal lobe to lose glue to a certain extent, and may cause the wig to fall off. It also depends on the amount of sweating. If you sweat a lot, the device may leave. In general, the front installation should last for 2-3 weeks (if glued).

Real human hair lasts longer than synthetic hair. Generally speaking, higher quality wigs can last longer. However, not everyone's high-quality wigs can last longer. Therefore, the degree of maintenance, frequency and methods of use of wigs are different for everyone. These factors can affect the life of the wig. Therefore, you need to follow certain care skills, like taking care of your natural hair. To a certain extent, the wig can live longer, mslynn brand The wigs are of high quality and durable, you can try to choose mslynn wigs, the results may surprise you.

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