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Experienced wig enthusiasts have more or less understanding of the precautions for wearing wigs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional hair stylist, you need to know what you should and should not do when wearing a 360 Wigs. In this blog, there will be a list of maintenance 360 wigs in daily life, please pay attention to check it.

When you sleep
When you sleep with a 360 Lace Wig, wet hair and cotton pillowcases are not conducive to maintaining your hairstyle. Therefore, make sure your hair is dry before going to bed. At the same time, put your hair in a satin night cap or sleep on a silk pillow to keep the 360. The moisture of the wig avoids tangled or dry 360 Lace Front Wigs, so that you can maintain a good hair style when you wake up.

Cleaning matters
1. Wash the hair regularly to avoid chemicals such as salt water and chlorine to prevent damage to the hair strands.

2. Do not rinse your hair with too hot water. It is recommended to use a mild amino acid nutrient shampoo. The more careful and gentle you are with human hair wigs, the longer it will last.

3. Do not pull the hair roots with a comb when washing your hair. Wash your hair with your hands to prevent the hair from getting tangled and falling off.

4. It is best to dry naturally, away from heat and sunlight

Style your wig
Styling wigs is indispensable in daily life. When it comes to plucking, dyeing, bleaching knots, and cutting, if you want your wig to be the closest to your style or you just want to get a natural look, You can go to the salon hairdresser for consultation or directly let them set the shape for you. Professionals do more professional than beginners. At the same time, your confidence will make the wig look more beautiful!

Put your wig on hold
The wig holder is a good place. When you are not going to wear a wig for a period of time, you need to place the wig in the right place. Putting it on the wig holder can help your hair maintain a good shape and avoid hair tangles or pulls. , You don’t want your beautiful fakes to be in the wrong place, so the wig holder is very useful.

Through the maintenance of the 360 frontal, you can enjoy the comfort and pleasure of wearing the 360 wig to the greatest extent. Whether you are a business person or a housewife, you can do something to help your wig maintain a good condition.

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